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Premier League Teams

Area 17 Members - WE NEED YOU!

What is the Premier League Team Competition?

This is a competition held every year by the BSPS at their annual Summer Championships, which aims to bring all the BSPS Areas together to compete for the overall Premier League Team titles. Each Area can put forward teams in each section (Show pony, SHP, WHP and Heritage), which consist of Area members who have qualified for, and are competing in the finals of the Premier League classes (either in red or blue divisions) in the day. The placings that members gain in the finals of Premier League finals will be converted into points, which will contribute to the overall score to the team. The team with the highest number of points in each section wins!

When and where is it held? 

The team competition is held on the final night of the BSPS Summer Championships at Arena UK, as part of the final evening performance.

Am I eligible to take part?

In order to be eligible to be part of the Area 17 Premier League Teams, you need to be a BSPS Area 17 member, and you must compete in the Premier League finals at the BSPS Summer Championships. This means you need to have qualified for the Premier League classes during the season AND take part in the finals. This can be in either the red or blue divisions of SP, SHP, WHP and Heritage (flat and WHP) sections. 

How much does it cost to enter?

Nothing! The team competition is free. The only entry fees you pay are the fees to enter your Premier League final classes. 

Do I have to be invited to take part?

NO! Contrary to popular belief you do not need to be invited or selected to take part in the Premier League teams. However, we do not receive a list of our Area members who are competing so it is down to you to let us know that you wish to take part in the team competition prior to the day. We really do want to include everybody who wants to take part, and if a section is full then we will enter a second team!

Do I have to enter the Team competition on my entry form? 

No. Teams will be entered by the Team Co-Ordinator (usually Lynette) at the show. However, this does mean that we need to know that you wish to be put forward!

I've put myself forward to be on the team. Does it matter if I'm not placed in my Premier League final?

No, you should still come forward for the evening. Points are still awarded for those that compete in their final, even if they are not placed. This is why it is important we have members in each height/breed section within each team. Even if you yourself are not placed, your fellow members may just have done enough to get the team a prize!

Do I need to let someone know my results from the Premier League finals?

No. Providing we have your name and which section you are competing in, results will be automatically transferred to the team score.

What happens on the night?

On the night, the Area teams gather outside the indoor arena ON FOOT. No ponies take part in the presentation. Regardless of whether you are in the Area SP, SHP, WHP or Heritage team, we all stick together as one Area 17 group, so it is important to know which section(s) you are representing. This can get a bit busy so make sure you have Kim's phone number to hand if you can't find us! You can wear evening performance wear, or just your day competition clothes if you wish, and feel free to wear any rosettes/sashes you've won during the week! All of the Area teams then go into the indoor arena, Area by Area. Results are then read out for each section. If you are lucky to be on a prize-winning team then step forward with your team to enjoy your moment in the spotlight! At least one member of the Area 17 committee will go in the arena with our team to help out so don't worry if you're not too sure what to do. Afterwards, all the Area teams parade around the arena, finishing with an epic run down the centre line - which is always great fun and a brilliant spectacle!

What do I get for taking part?

As an Area, we give a lovely sash to every team member who comes to the parade in the evening, which is yours to keep! You are also given a finalist rosette from the BSPS. The winning teams will all receive a sash each, as well as rosettes to the teams finishing 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

I want to get involved! What do I do?

Firstly, make sure you qualify for your Premier League finals - qualifying shows are held throughout the summer season. Prior to the BSPS Summer Championships get in touch with us via the Application Form on our website (click here) or get in touch with Kim directly (contact details can be found here), and give details of which Premier League finals you will be competing in. We will confirm that we've heard from you and give you any more information you need. Then make sure you enter, and compete in, your Premier League final(s) at the BSPS Summer Championships, and then turn up at least 20mins before the Premier League team parade in the evening performance on the final night of the Championships so that you can find and join the Area 17 crew. That's it! We look forward to seeing you!

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the Area 17 Premier League team in 2019 and all their fabulous hard work and results at the Championships. No places for the teams this year but we are all incredibly proud of your achievements and a massive thank you to those who took part and stayed to parade. 

In 2017 we once again WON the Heritage team section and 2nd in the WHP section - amazing given we are one of the smallest areas!! We have such a great recent record in this competition, having also won the Heritage sections in 2014 and 2012, and the WHP competition in 2015.

The BSPS Area 17 Premier League Team at the BSPS Summer Championships